Reza Handzalah

Computer programmer


The face I like to use on the Internet. Art commission by Adia Titania.

I was in the past affiliated with IDEMIA and most recently with Mbiz (please do look them up; they are competitive in their respective areas). I have experience contributing in software engineering teams from each of tester, web front-end, and back-end roles. While acknowledging the imperfection of years-of-experience as a metric for evaluating a programmer’s competence, I offer readers this information that I have accumulated over 4 years of experience in software engineering.

I am also particularly interested in programming languages. I am currently a participant of a year-long mentoring program organized by ACM SIGPLAN.

I’m looking for a good job right now. If you think that I’d be a great fit to your team, let’s chat!

Writing Samples


  1. Dev Blog
    Building Habits to Improve Your Programming
    blog, Feb 2024


  1. Undergrad
    Simulasi Komunikasi Cahaya Tampak Berbasis Pemultipleksan Pembagian Panjang Gelombang pada Jaringan Fiber to the Home
    Tubagus Muhammad Reza Handzalah, Denny Darlis, and Desti Madya Saputri
    SENIATI ITN Malang, Feb 2019